With a lifetime of sensitive dry skin and a preference for bar soap, we set out to create a product that was moisturizing & exfoliating, the two must haves for dry skin. In the process we discovered the amazing benefits of sea salt soap!

Other important must haves for us were a luxurious bar, all natural, sustainable and vegan with an emphasis on a cool unique design.
Our soap, because of the sea salt, is long lasting, always retains its shape and never gets slimy in the shower!

When we saw the healing benefits on our own skin and our friends and family we decided to create Salt & Stone Soap co.

With a love for natural beauty products and creators to the core, we are passionate about our company and spreading the word on the importance of natural, green beauty. We truly believe you are what you absorb!

At Salt & Stone we love what we do and will continue to develop and bring you the best in all natural, plant based skin care with ingredients provided 100% by nature. Our products are handcrafted in small batches by the people who developed them. Always tested on humans, never animals.


We are located about a 45 minute drive east of Vancouver in Anmore BC.